ABOUT (关于)

100 Fun opened in July 2005. Since then, 100 Fun has become one of the largest karaoke bars in Brooklyn. Our 45 private rooms and huge selection of music in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean is sure to bring the fun to any occasion.


100 Fun offers 45 private rooms all equipped with televisions in a variety of sizes up to 72" display or projectors, state of the art sound systems, and (optional) club mood lighting. Our rooms are perfect for any number of guests. The exciting atmosphere and friendly staff are sure to make any birthday party, bachelor/ bachelorette party, or night out friends an unforgettable experience.


Did you know that we are the only karaoke lounge in New York with BBQ service? With our large second floor balconies, throwing a BBQ is possible! Reserve your BBQ party today!


Phone (电话)

(718) 436–8883

Hours (小时)

Mon–Sun 2pm–4am

Location (地点)

932 60th ST
Brooklyn, NY 11219